1.1 Orientation

1.1 Orientation to the study of polycentric climate governance

Before we start with the introduction to the theoretical approach of polycentric governance, you are asked to orientate yourself on this course and formulate your own learning goals.

Step 1: Orientation
Spend 5-10 minutes going through the course material, which topics and exercises appeal to you?

Step 2: Why are you follow this course on polycentric climate governance?
Formulate for yourself why you are following this course by answering the questions:
1. What is your interest in climate governance?
2. What is your interest in polycentric governance theory?
3. What are you expecting to learn?

Write your answers down for yourself and put it in a place where you can see it to motivate yourself to take the time to finish this online course.

Step 3: Inform us of your expectations
To stay updated on new developments on polycentric climate governance and opportunities to follow a more extended course on polycentric climate governance that will take place in fall 2018, please send an email briefly describing your profession and interest in polycentric governance to Climate-MOOC@ou.nl.


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